This year, more than one million service members, veterans and their families are enrolled in college courses. With that in mind, VA-ACME continues a commitment to supporting education within the Virginia military community. VA-ACME awarded multiple $1,000 scholarships during the 2019 Annual Symposium.

Candidates interested in the 2020 scholarship program should review the eligibility criteria. There are five different scholarship categories. One application per person will be accepted.  VA-ACME Scholarships are not renewable and applicants are eligible to win one time in each category.


  • Active Duty, Drilling Reservist, or National Guard Member

  • Spouse of Active Duty Member, Drilling Reservist, National Guard, Military Retiree

  • Child of Active Duty Member, Drilling Reservist, National Guard, or Military Retiree

  • Permanently Disabled Military Member or their Family Member or Family Member of Service Member Missing/KIA

  • Veteran or Retiree of the Armed Forces                            

The Virginia Advisory Council on Military Education is committed to a policy of educational equity. Accordingly, VA-ACME grants scholarships and conducts educational programs and activities without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, ancestry, or disabilities.

Scholarship Committee

LaToya Sivells, Northern Virginia Community College

2019 VA-ACME Scholarship Winners

Congratulations and good luck!