The mission of the Virginia Advisory Council on Military Education (VA-ACME) is to promote, support, and deliver meaningful education within all branches of the armed services by encouraging educational institutions to be innovative and flexible in meeting educational needs. 

Like its national arm, the Council of College and Military Educators (CCME), the VA-ACME is a charitable non-profit organization with a membership composed of military and civilian educators, post-secondary educational institutions, suppliers of education products/services, service members and veterans, and government organizations that support military and veteran education. 


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  • Evaluating and restructuring policies related to acceptance and transfer of credit for veterans, military students, and their adult family members.

  • Enhancing the educational aspirations of the military populations in the state.

  • Making educational programs accessible in cost, location, and scheduling.

  • Facilitating communication between the VA-ACME membership and the U.S. Department of Defense educational support network.

VA-ACME serves the most military-concentrated region in the world. The Council is committed to addressing military education issues in the state of Virginia and has supported this ever-changing academic environment for over 13 years.  


VA-ACME hosts multiple networking events throughout the year, provides regular updates on developments within Department of Defense education policies, coordinates an annual symposium attended by over 200 people, and supports students directly with multiple scholarship awards.

The annual VA-ACME Symposium brings together Council members, post-secondary educators, schools, and state and local government representatives to continue working on behalf of Virginia’s military and veteran students and their families.  This event facilitates the discussion of current issues and planning for future programming.  The theme of this year’s Annual Symposium is SHARED MISSION: Leaders Forging Unity.  The 2020 Symposium will be held at the Westin Virginia Beach Town Center and VA-ACME is pleased to announce that Room Reservations for the symposium are now open.

VA-ACME has created a robust scholarship program, awarding multiple scholarships totaling a minimum of $10,000 every year. The scholarship awards are presented during the annual VA-ACME Symposium at a special event honoring the recipients and their achievements.  The following individuals are eligible to apply for the VA-ACME scholarship program:

  • Active Duty, Drilling Reservist, or National Guard Member

  • Spouse of Active Duty Member, Drilling Reservist, National Guard, or Military Retiree

  • Child of Active Duty Member, Drilling Reservist, National Guard, or Military Retiree

  • Permanently disabled military member or their family member (spouse or child) or family member of service member missing/killed in action

  • Veteran or Retiree of the Armed Forces




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