VA-ACME Awards

VA-ACME presents several awards at the annual symposium to recognize outstanding leadership, participation and sponsorship of those supporting education within the military community throughout the state of Virginia.  

Military Educator (s) of the Year

A recipient could be someone who is not a VA-ACME member but is nominated by a VA-ACME member. The recipient has the respect and admiration of their colleagues. The recipient guides the military community to achieve excellence, creates a culture of respect, and success. The recipient demonstrates leadership and innovation while embodying practices for lifelong learning. Open to Military Affiliated, Civilian or both.

Eligibility: A person directly serving military members in military educational arenas. (i.e. Military Installations, Colleges & Universities, or Government Personnel)

Criteria: An individual who made a significant contribution to military education. VA-ACME member must submit the nomination.

Sponsorship Award(s)

Corporate/Institution (or both) sponsor (s) of VA-ACME. Recipient (s) would receive a medallion/plaque and a certificate, to be determined by the VA-ACME Awards Committee. This award (s) recipients’ will reflect attributes related to creativity, leadership, integrity, professional excellence, and service to the global military community (global awareness) displayed by the corporation or institution as it relates to military education.

Eligibility: Award is presented in recognition for outstanding contributions and accomplishments to an organization in recognition of its significant contributions to the cause of military education.

Criteria: VA ACME Executive Board selects recipient of the award in conjunction with the VA-ACME Awards Chair. Nominations accepted from VA-ACME members. Organizational representatives may nominate their organization. Nominations should include name of individual making the nomination, contact information (phone #; email address); point of contact information for the nominee and no more than one 8 ½ X 11 page detailing why this individual deserves recognition by the VA-ACME Board.


LaToya Sivells, Northern Virginia Community College